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It's Me Vs The Circus

ok ive decided im gonna start using this lj again, but only for musical purposes. i don't know what i mean by that...but...i wanna recommend songs to people so that's one of the things that might keep this lj alive.


to start off i wanna recommend the song Rain by the band Barefoot. They just signed to Geffen. Just the fact they're signed to Geffen Records alone should make this song a hit, cause that's how the music industry works. But they're also good looking and the song is very commercial so the chances of this being a TOP 10 hit in the next 6 months is 110%. So i wanna feel cool and be the first to show it to you :)

I just posted the song online where you can download it if you want. And yes, posting songs on the internet without permission is illegal and totally against the law!!! so if you wanna arrest thiago for doing that you can find him @ 27 leonard st, belmont, ma during the day and 125 walnut st, somerville, ma at night. Thank You And Have A Good One :)
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